How AVEA Pools is Different

We’re not pool builders at heart. We’re an expert team of home builders and architects who treat you like the high-end client you are.

We Have Seasoned Architects Design Your Pool

Admittedly, we’re not veteran pool builders — rather we are veteran pool buyers for custom homes. Consequently, we’ve inadvertently become experts in matching the pool design to our clients’ homes, which is why we established AVEA Pools.

Because we’re home building architects at heart, we take a different approach to pool building: We design pools to follow your home’s natural style to bring a cohesive, high-end look to your outdoor living area. We design a modern pool for a modern home; we don’t, for example, design Mediterranean-style pools in a ranch-style home. We’re setting a bar higher for ourselves than the industry would set for us.

We Send You Daily Updates on Your Pool

When you choose to design your pool with AVEA, we’ll never leave you in the dark. We’ll send you updates daily, including photos, in-depth construction notes and thorough status updates.

We want our quality of customer service to become the pool industry’s standard. No longer will sub-par customer service cut it. AVEA Pools ensures every customer is treated with the utmost care, respect and professionalism.

Workers filling in a custom pool by AVEA

Our Base Specifications are Other Pool Builders’ Luxury Packages

At AVEA, we never sacrifice top-tier quality for cheaper pools or in an attempt to try and win more business like other pool builders. When you choose AVEA Pools, you know you will always get excellent quality workmanship.

Our goal is to help you design a custom pool toward a reasonable price by educating you on everything that goes into a pool and where the money goes. At AVEA, we are always transparent with our pricing, and want you to stick around for the long term. At AVEA Pools, you’re treated like family.

Ready to take the plunge?