Luxury Swimming Pool Builder and Designer in The Woodlands, TX

AVEA Pools is not your run-of-the-mill swimming pool builder. We’re experts in crafting an outdoor living space that’s high-end and polished so it effortlessly blends in with the rest of your home.Take the First Step Today
A custom swimming pool built by Avea

Master Architects Who Custom-Design Pools

As veteran architects who have served The Woodlands community for decades, we’re intimately familiar with the area’s structural requirements and architectural diversity. The Woodlands is teeming with new developments, so adding some flare to your personal woodsy escape is always a great option (and investment).

A One-Stop-Shop

AVEA Pools is a one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need. We’re more than just a pool builder — we’re a designer, architect and home builder all in one. Our complete pool services include:

  • Designing and constructing custom swimming pools
  • Creating outdoor living areas that complement your pool and your home
  • Maintaining and caring for your swimming pool and outdoor area
  • Offering a one-year warranty on the pool, finishes and related components for one year
A girl relaxes in the jacuzzi of an Avea pool.
Rustic Estate Home custom pool area

We Specialize in Matching Your Pool Design with Your Home

At AVEA, we take a different approach to designing pools, in that your pool should be a natural extension of the rest of your home. As expert architects, we specialize in seamlessly blending your home’s interior and exterior aesthetics into your custom pool design with the surrounding neighborhood’s look and feel. Our goal is to go above and beyond to ensure that your pool makes sense with its surroundings and fits well within the space you have. 

We include factors  such as:

  • Your home’s size
  • Your home’s unique architecture
  • Your home’s color
  • Your home’s texture
  • Your neighborhood’s overall design theme

Crafting Captivating Outdoor Living Spaces

Besides pools, we also have a deep understanding of greater Texas and Houston-specific landscape architecture. Thus, we offer backyard design 100% tailored to your lifestyle. We examine specific elements such as:

  • The number of family members you have
  • How accessible you need the space
  • Your family schedule
  • How often you hold backyard events
  • How you want to use the space

Our One-of-a-Kind Pool Building Process

Most swimming pool contractors in the Woodlands build a pool with ONLY the pool in mind. The AVEA method is different: before any building begins, we examine the geography of your backyard and research the environment of your specific Woodlands neighborhood.

We then incorporate those parameters with your dream water features and lifestyle — then voila! At the end of the process, you’ll have a swimming pool tailored exactly to your needs and lifestyle. 

Bellaire Transitional backyard and pool

We Treat Customers Like They’re Family

AVEA was founded upon delivering the best customer service in the pool industry through pool care and cleaning services for homeowners. With this attention to detail and customer satisfaction, we’ve become industry-leading swimming pool designers and builders — and we still offer the best maintenance and customer care in The Woodlands. 

At AVEA, you’re family. Whether you’re just beginning to drum up ideas for a custom pool or you’re ready to begin the design and construction process, our team will give you the utmost care you deserve. That’s just how we like to do business. 


Are you ready to dive in?