AVEA's Method

Our process is simple: We follow your home's unique architecture to craft a pool and outdoor living space custom-tailored for your home, family and lifestyle.Contact Us
A girl relaxes in the jacuzzi of an Avea pool.

We Follow the Architecture of Your Home

Other pool builders in Houston design your pool with ONLY your pool in mind. At AVEA, our process begins by analyzing your home, family and lifestyle, all of which our designers fully grasp while planning your unique pool design.

An outdoor seating area is set up next to a custom Avea swimming pool.

1. Surrounding Space

Your pool should make sense with its surroundings. Our designers and architects specialize in creating an outdoor living space that complements your home’s exterior, interior and even the surrounding neighborhood. 


A fireplace installation by AVEA pools

2. Your Dream Pool Checklist

When you design a custom pool with AVEA, we capture every want and need on your wishlist. We don’t miss a thing.


3. Your Lifestyle

We consider your family’s lifestyle when creating your pool and outdoor living area. Our goal is to create a whole-home experience, not just building a swimming pool.


Core Factors Influencing the Design of Your Pool

Everything starts with researching the geography of of your backyard, investigating the environment of your neighborhood, checking off your wishlist, and incorporating your lifestyle. We additionally look at several other factors, such as:

  • Design feasibility. How practical is the design? How difficult or easy will it be to install and maintain?
  • Backyard space. What can and should be built in the backyard space you have?
  • Form and function. What is the best use of the backyard space? What shows the most respect to the home and its design?
  • Budget. We are always transparent in the pricing of the design.

Every Customer is Guaranteed the Highest Quality Construction & Materials

AVEA Pools employs expert architects and builders to ensure the integrity of your pool and spa. We also utilize the highest quality equipment and materials available on the market today. Every AVEA pool customer should expect: 

  • Reputable Jandy equipment
  • Pebble Sheen® plaster as a standard
  • Weather-resistant natural travertine pool decking
  • Glass tile accents 

AVEA Pools Are Built to Last

Any pool, custom or otherwise, represents a significant investment and addition to your home. It is imperative that you actively maintain your pool for it to retain its value. AVEA Pools helps solve this issue from the beginning by designing our pools to withstand any movement of the earth below. 

However, if an issue does occur, we include a standard warranty on all AVEA pools to ensure that problems are fixed in a timely and professional manner. We want you to focus on enjoying your pool.