Pool Design & Construction

AVEA specializes in creating an outdoor living space that complements your home’s interior, exterior and the surrounding neighborhood.
Workers filling in a custom pool by AVEA
AVEA hot tub design

We Design Our Pools to Complement Your Home & Neighborhood

When we design swimming pools, we don’t just look at the square footage of your backyard. Instead, we take a holistic bird’s eye view of your entire home. Our architects and designers examine the balance between the exterior architecture and interior design style of your home – and we even consider the home styles of the surrounding neighborhood.

They look for certain defining factors such as:

  • How big is your home?
  • What’s the style of your home?
  • Are the main shapes angular or smooth?
  • What’s the exterior texture like?
  • What color is your home?

The shapes, colors, textures and lines of your home’s exterior will ultimately guide your pool design.

Our Swimming Pools Are Built to Last

At AVEA, our goal is to build a pool that will withstand the test of time, structurally and aesthetically. So, in addition to creating a pool with a timeless, clean design, we take the drainage and foundational structure of your pool very seriously. 

We construct pools so that you never have to worry about drainage issues or foundation movement. Our pools are made to last. And, if something does arise, our pools are covered for up to a year with AVEA’s warranty program. Every swimming pool designed, built or sold by AVEA Pools includes a warranty on the pool, the finishings and any related components for one year.

That’s just how we like to do business.

Memorial Modern Estate custom swimming pool